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Excess Refund Coverage

Excess refund coverage by Ofran refunds the excess amount charged by the car rental supplier, in case of damage to the rental car or theft of it, subject to the rental agreement terms and conditions, and subject to the Service Agreement you may read here.

Once you returned home, and after an actual charge by the car rental supplier, you will be able to claim the amount charged back from "Shirbit Insurance Company Ltd.", by sending the claim form you can read here, along with the documents detailed in it that are required to handle the claim.

The refund will be made by "Shirbit Insurance Company Ltd." within 14 working days of receiving all the relevant documents and details of the case, in NIS and according to the actual amount charged by the rental supplier.
The refund amount will not exceed the charged amount and in any case will not exceed €2,000.

Ofran wishes you a safe and pleasant trip.

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Excess Refund Coverage