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Post rental charges

If after your return to Israel, a debit from the rental company appeared on your credit card, it may be due to one of the possible reasons below:

- Additional driver insurance
- Young driver insurance supplement
- Baby chair
- One way fee
- Missing fuel (usually, plus fueling surcharge)
- Upgrade your rental car at your choice
- Delay in returning the vehicle
- Navigation device (GPS)
- Winter / ski equipment
- cross border insurance for crossing to neighboring countries
- Excess/deductible charge / Other Damage
- Road Fees and Government Fees
- Traffic fines (or rental company handling fees)
- Passenger and Luggage Insurance (PAI) or other insurance or service you purchased etc.

All these extras will be charged plus local taxes and compulsory payments.

Of course, if necessary, you can direct your question, or any other problem, in writing to our customer service department and we will be happy to find out the nature of the charge with the rental company and help you in finding the answer. 

Ofran wishes you a safe and pleasant trip.

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In Case Of A Post Rental Charge