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navigation systems in rental cars - GPS

Before adding a navigation system to your rental car, here are some important details you should know:

  • The navigation system type cannot be guaranteed. There are different types of systems and it is impossible to request a specific type or a built-in GPS.
  • In Europe, the maps in the navigation systems are usually for the pick-up country alone and for additional countries with lower resolution only. Navigation systems' price in Europe ranges from 7 to 15 euro per day, but for a journey that involves several European countries, we offer our clients an additional service of renting a GPS from Israel at a lower cost.
  • In USA, the maps include all of the US states and even Canada sometimes. The navigation system costs $50 per week when it is prepaid in Israel; while abroad the price is higher.
  • Obviously, the system must be returned in proper condition and to the supplier's representatives only (note that the GPS is usually insured separately from the rental car itself, and therefore you may be charged if the system is returned damaged or not returned at all).