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Accidents or emergencies while driving abroad

In case of a car malfunction:
During your rental contact the roadside assistance whose contact information (free call) is appears on the rental agreement, on the car keys or on the car's manual and you will be offered assistance as soon as possible.
Please note that the assistance telephone number is usually toll-free, if you will use your cellular phone to call it, any incurred costs might not be refunded by the car rental company.
If the car has to be towed to a garage - the rental company will instruct you accordingly.

In case of a collision or an accident:
Make sure to file a police report and inform the car rental company and follow their instructions. You will need to file a report including the details of any third party, if there was one.
If you purchased Excess Refund Coverage or our Extended Coverage - these documents will be required when you send your claim to the insurance company.

Exclusions to the insurance coverage:
Please note that the insurance policy does not cover damages to the: chassis, window screens, mirrors, lights, tires, clutch, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, force majeure, leaving the keys without supervision, losing the keys or excess.

Extended coverage:
Tires, Windshield and Other Coverages by Ofran provides coverage in case of a charge by the car rental supplier for loss or damage as a result of one of the following incidents:
1. Damage to the tires of the rental car.
2. Damage to the windshields or mirrors of the rental car.
3. Loss of the rental car keys.
4. Damage to the clutch or the battery of the rental car as a result of wrongful use of the car.
5. Damage to the undercarriage of the rental car, subject to driving on paved roads only.

This coverage is subject to the rental agreement terms and conditions, and subject to the Service Agreement you may read here

Ofran wishes you a safe and pleasant trip.

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What To Do In Case Of AnAccident Or Emergency During Your Car Rental