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Preparing for your rental car drop-off

About to return the rental car?
We've collected some important tips for the car drop-off process:

1. Delay in returning the rented vehicle:
Car rental is calculated in 24-hour periods from the actual pick-up time until it is returned. Therefore, the vehicle must be returned at exactly the time it was taken. Any delay will be considered for another rental day.
In the event of an unavoidable delay, you must notify the car rental company via telephone.

2. Return the rental vehicle with a full fuel tank:
The rental vehicle must be returned with a full fuel tank, unless you have purchased a plan that allows it to be returned with an empty tank.
In most of the major airports there is a gas station at the entrance to the airport. Be sure to fill in the appropriate fuel type for the rental vehicle (which appears on the container door and in the vehicle book).

Please note that in the event of a fuel shortage when the vehicle is returned, you will be charged at the rate set by the car rental company, plus fueling charges. We recommend that you keep the latest refueling for any future inquiries in this regard.

3. Car cleaning:
The vehicle was delivered in a clean condition so it is important to keep it clean and return it in the same condition as it was received.
In addition, smoking in a rented vehicle is prohibited. In the event that the vehicle is returned when it is beyond reasonable, or with signs of smoking (such as ash in the ashtray, smell of cigarette smoke, etc.), the supplier will charge a special cleaning fee.

4. Vehicle condition:
Make sure that no vehicle damage was done during the rental. It is advisable to photograph the vehicle before returning it and compare it with the photographs taken upon pick-up.

In any case, request a copy of the rental car return report and make sure the details specified on it are correct (return time, return location, fuel tank condition, return of additional equipment if ordered such as a navigation device or baby chair, etc.).

5. Return the rental car outside the rental station's operating hours:
If you returned the rental vehicle outside of the rental station hours of operation, remember that you are responsible for it until the actual lease is closed by the rental company.
Therefore, make sure to park the vehicle only in the rental car's parking lot and foreclose the lease and key to the designated box (key box).
If you have pre-arranged your car collection (at the airport when the rental company does not have a desk, at your hotel or elsewhere), make sure to hand over the vehicle only to the representative of the rental company that was identified by you.

6. Have you left anything behind?
Just before you step away from the rental car make sure you have collected all your personal belongings from the car.

Ofran wishes you a safe and pleasant trip.

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 Rental Car Drop-off Tips