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Rental car pick-up tips

About to pick up your rental car?
Pay attention to some important tips for the process -

1. Finding the rental desk location at the pickup station:
The exact station address and operation hours will appear on the voucher.
If necessary - the station contact details appears on the voucher and you can contact the station for further explanation on arrival at the location.

2. We recommend that you prepare the documents you need for each driver in advance:
- Car rental Voucher
- Valid national driver's license
- International driving license
- International credit card for deposit
- Make sure you remember your credit card PIN because you may need to type it 

3. Car rental collection time:
The rental vehicle will be saved for you up to two hours from the scheduled time or the closing time of the rental station, whichever comes first.
If you recognize that you are late, we recommend contacting the station (contact details will appear on the voucher) and they will guide you.

4. Car rental contract:
Once you present the relevant documents to the company's representative at the counter (international credit card, licenses, passport, etc.) you will receive a rental agreement.
Remember, the rental agreement is a contract and your signature is binding. Therefore, it is advisable to review the contract and check that all details are correct, for example: additional driver details, extras such as baby chair or GPS, ski equipment, departure to other countries, etc.
If you have signed for any supplement and have regretted it, you can call the rental company or us within 24 hours of signing the agreement and request the cancellation.

Please note, you may be offered an additional insurance or extras that are already included in the voucher. Don't sign if you don't really need them.
If you have not signed for any extra - the rental agreement should reflect a total cost of 0.

5. The rental vehicle:
When booking a car rental you only book a car group and there is no guarantee that you will receive the representative model in the group you have booked - the car you receive is a vehicle with the same code or, if not at the station, you will receive a car with a higher code than you booked.
The job of the car code is to classify the car group. For more information on vehicle grouping codes click here

Upon receipt of the vehicle, make sure that if there is a scratch or blow they are clearly indicated on the lease, and if not - make sure that the rental company representative will clearly indicate them on the lease including on the copy you recieve.
You can also take pictures of the vehicle before taking it so that you can compare it with photos taken on its return.

Just before setting off, make sure you know the type of fuel suitable for your rental car, and that you understand how to operate any equipment you ordered before you left the station (installing winter snow chains or using the navigation system for example).

Ofran wishes you a safe and pleasant trip.

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 Rental Car Pickup Tips