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Austria is not only considered as one of the most popular destinations in Europe; it is also located in its beating heart. It is enriched with culture, history and majestic landscapes. Vienna, its capital is renowned as high quality of life and an influential center to classic music since the 18th century.
The main attraction in Austria is the magnificent Alps mountain range which spreads over a major part of its land - The premium location for winter sports and mountaineering.
Located amongst north Italy, Germany, Switzerland and France, Austria makes a great part of the trip. Traveling in Austria with a car is the best way to explore its topographic richness from its mountainous terrains to endless green fields decorated by streaming rivers and isolated castles.
Car rental in Austria is easy and suitable for every trip. Ofran works with several car rental agencies in Austria that have dozens of offices in airports, large cities and small towns around the country and in some ski resorts. This strong presence helps you to prepare for a visit or vacation in advance and make the arrangements best suited for you. Enjoy a wide selection of cars (both manual and automatic transmission), 4WD, Executive, minivans and minibuses; and roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day and will be happy to help you with any problem. Whether you are traveling by yourself, as a couple or with children - car rental in Austria is the classic solution. Please note traveling with few car groups (mostly luxury cars and automatic) to Eastern Europe is limited.
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car rental in Austria

driving a rental car in Austria

Traveling in Austria with a car is mostly recommended due to its mountainous and rural area. Please note that most ski resorts have access to pedestrians or vehicles only.
Driving highways in Austria requires a "vignette" or sticker to be affixed on the windshield in the appropriate place so that authorities can view if you have paid for one. The vignette is available for purchase in the border crossing or at gas stations. Failure to comply with the regulation can result in fines.
Fuel - Unleaded petrol (95 and 98 octane) and Diesel (Gasoil) is available. No leaded petrol (lead substitute additive available). There is limited LPG availability.
Winter tires and snow chains - winter season starts on the 1st of November and ends on April 15th. Winter tires are mandatory and all cars are equipped with them. Snow chains are mandatory in snowy and frosty areas and must be booked and confirmed in advance. Notice the traffic signs regarding the usage of the chains.
As mentioned before, Austria is a mountainous country. If you plan to visit the country in winter, take all the necessary precautions especially when it comes to winter tires and snow chains. Book them in advance.

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