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car rental in Geneva

Geneva is an international city that plays a major role in the diplomatic/human rights arena. It's the "world peace" capital and traditionally ranks as one of the best and costliest in quality of living and expenses. Although it's a relatively small city (only 200,000 residents), Geneva is considered as a world business and financial center and as a trademark for luxury.

Car rental In Geneva is an ideal solution if those desiring a ski vacation in the Alps to looking for a trip in western Switzerland. The city is known for its Jet d'eaufountain, the CERN particle accelerator and its beautiful mountainous view.

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car rental in Geneva

driving in Geneva

Ofran operate in Geneva via several major car rental companies, which enable you to rent your car at the city's airport or at main locations down town. The convenient locations and efficient roadseide assistance allow Ofran clients to plan their trip in Geneva and Switzerland optimally.

Car group categories vary between small, compact, intermediate and luxury cars and also include minivans, minibuses and automatic vehicles. Road service is available 24 hours a day, whether you're in a big city or in rural areas.

Geneva is located a few kilometers from the French border, and its connection with its ally from the west is close and daily. This plays a major role especially when it comes to car rentals. The International airport includes separate French and Swiss areas. Ofran operates in both via different companies such as Europcar and National that offer different car fleets and different prices. (The French side is usually cheaper).

The airport is located only 4km northwest of the city center, and driving between the two is a matter of minutes. Geneva is connected efficiently to Swiss highways infrastructure, as well as the French grid. That's why getting to the famous French ski resorts is an easy and scenic drive. Annecy is just 40km away and Chamonix is 80km.

If you intend to arrive to Geneva from France, don't forget to pay the tolls as you get to the border crossing. In return, you'll receive a "vignette" which is a sticker confirming payment. It is required while driving in motorways' otherwise you'll be fined.
Please note that in 2010 Gevena authorities started a major project in which 200 streets will be closed permanently to traffic. The project is scheduled to continue until 2014 and does cause some inconvenience. If you plan to drive in city center please note temporary traffic signs and notifications. If you intend to use GPS - make sure you have an updated version of the software.


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