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car rental in Zurich

Although Zurich is not the Swiss capital, it's most definitely the country's financial and cultural hotspot. Zurich is located at the heart of Switzerland, which makes it an easy destination for tourists and especially for those wishing to rent a car. Almost all of Switzerland's motorways pass through Zurich one way or another.
Ofran operates at the airport, as well as other major locations inside the city, via several major car rental companies. The convenient locations and efficient costumers service offers Ofran's clients the ability to plan their trip in Zurich and its area optimally.

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car rental in Zurich

driving in Zurich

Zurich traditionally enjoys high ranking among the world's top cities in terms of the quality of living. . It's situated at the north-western corner of Zurich Lake and is specially known for its German speaking theaters. Other attraction include: Fraumunster Cathedral, the Voltaire Museum for Cabaret, Kontshaus Museum, Lindenhof Castle and the local zoo, which is a great experience for visitors of all ages.

Flughafeninternation Airport is located 10km northeast of the city, and getting from there to the Hauptbahnhof central train station or vice versa, takes minutes.

Car group categories vary between small, compact, intermediate and luxury cars and also include minivans, minibuses and automatic vehicles. Roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day, whether you're in a big city or in rural areas.

Zurich has 12 quarters. The Historical area is marked as "1" and the other areas circle around it clockwise. Most of Zurich's residents use the vast public transportation options the city offers, which is as accurate as a Swiss clock. Trams and trains are a convenient tool for tourists and it's recommended to buy a 24 or 72 hours "ZurichCARD." . This way you can get everywhere quickly and cheaply..

On the other hand, driving in Zurich with a rented car is not complicated at all. It's a relatively small city and quite easy to maneuver. Note that local drivers tend to turn off the engines while they're waiting in traffic lights or for the tram to pass by. The reason for that is saving emissions and unnecessary noise.

Parking in Zurich is determined by areas: White is for regular parking with meters (remember to put the bill on the dashboard); Blue/Red means parking is allowed for cars with special permissions only; Yellow means parking is forbidden. Note that there are plenty of "park & ride" parking lots in the city, especially in the suburbs. Alternatively, rented car drivers can choose parking garages ("parkplatze"/"parkhauser"). They are safe but relatively expensive.

Switzerland is one of the smallest countries in Europe, so distances between Zurich and other cities doesn't mean you have to spend hours in the car. Here are some road distances from Zurich: Basel - 85km, Bern - 125km, St. Gallen - 60km, Geneva - 290km, Lugano - 210km.

Driving to Germanycan ben done mainly via motorways 1 and 4 towards Schaffhausen. Alternatively, you can drive west on motorway 1 and then 3 to Basel. Driving south to Lucerne is best on motorway 4, and if you are keen on a fabulous mountainous to Austria - take route 3. 

Zurich travel guide

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