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Milano (1.3 million residents) is the second largest city in Italy. But when it comes to business and finance it is the official capital. Milano is the richest of Italy's cities and its economy size alone is equal to that of Austria. It is a shrine for designers, architects and is considers a synonym for innovation, creativity and curiosity. Milano is on the cutting edge of fashion, lifestyle and industrial design and of big names like Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace and Prada.

For tourists, Milano isn't just a never ending city for shopping, it's also a starting point for one of Italy's most precious commodities - it's outdoor beauty. The Alps, Lake Maggiore and the picturesque villages of northern Italy are in a hand's reach, especially when you have a rented car.

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car rental in Milano

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Millano has two major airports: Malpensa, for international flights, is located 45km north-west of the city, and Linate for domestic flights and is much closer. Ofran operates in both airports via several major car rental companies.

Milano's beauty is hidden in the winning combination of old and new, between the classical Piazza del Doumo and the latest avant-garde in Via della Spiga. Milano is the city of "la dolce vita" - parks, museums and vibrating nightlife. Its streets are packed with galleries, studios and expensive boutiques. The Corso Como quarter, as well as Navigli and Brera, offers countless clubs, cafes and bars.

As in many other European cities, Milano authorities collect a congestion toll from each driver that wishes to enter the city center. Dozens of cameras are spread across the streets in an effort to fight the overwhelming traffic and air pollution. The toll ("ecopass") is determined by engine size and by amount of emission, and is collected each day between 07:30-19:30. The ecopass can be paid by the internet or coupons available at kiosks. Make sure you pay it within 48 hours, or you'll be fined.

The city offers large parking lots near the ring road just outside city limits. It might be wise to park there and continue by train or metro. Parking lots usually close at midnight. Milano has five major railroad stations: Milano Centrale and Cadorna are well connected to Malpensa while Linate can be reached only by bus.

Over time many of Milano's historical streets were turned into pedestrian malls. Many of the attractions are within walking distance, making strolling the easiestway to hang around (preferably with an ice cream cone at hand).

Exiting the city for trips across Italy is an easy task: Autostrada A1 serves traffic east and south (Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples). A4 leads to Turin and the Alps and A7 to Genova and the Italian Riviera. A8 and A9 are the ideal routes to lake district and the Swiss border.

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